Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

here we are... killer summer shoes !!!!

time for summer shoes! These are the choices of shoes that I could give for a reference for all of u in this summer ... check this out !

YELLOW FEVER -Rachel Zoey-

-Chloe heels-

-amazing new Rag & Bone shoes-

-Swedish Hasbeens for H&M collaboration-

-Towering tapestry wedges at ASOS fall-

-Dieppa Restrepo and vintage Marni-

-Rag and Bone clogs-

and the last....

-Shiny tangerine vibrant Urban Outfitters sandals-

have got the inspiration for this summer? I hope so... have an awesome summer holiday all.. :*

the 5 resort looks i loved in 2012...

-Dior— Perhaps the epitome of resort, i totally loved this young and modern caftan.. superb cute...

-Tory Burch— Mixing two prints is hard enough, but Tory Burch shows me what she's got by mixing a whole batch of them. totally inspiring!

-Burberry— i do love Burberry best when they do their classic slim-fit silhouettes in saturated, bold hues... That trench coat is totally dreamy...

-Jason Wu— i know that no one can touch Wu when it comes to cocktail dresses, but he's mastering the weekend short-set with aplomb... perfect !!

and the last.. the classic one should be..

-The Row— Don't tell me this white-hot look couldn't be strolling down the greatest runway of Paris. I am huge obsessed.. !!

I want to spend the holiday season by wearing these clothes .. well, I hope this is not just a dream ... (laughing)...

PS : I hope you like these choices... smooch... :*

Siriano... Siriano.. All day Long...

Who is this guy? for you who know about the fashion reality show "Project Runaway season 4", you would know right? yup .. he is Christian Siriano! a young man full of talent and creativity in producing an amazing work of art .. Siriano advanced to the show's finals, and won a spot to show a twelve-piece final collection at New York Fashion Week. His collection was made up of Musketeer-inspired couture, featuring ruffles, feathers and headwear.. This guy won the competition by relying on Fierce style that has become the hallmark of a Siriano..

the problem today, I can not stop seeing his video on youtube, check out his official website to see the latest collection of this man, once inside, I do not just dream, I wish I could buy up all his fashion work..I can not stop to see the collection of shoes from this smart young man .. Style of shoes that he designed is perfect with my dress style character who tends to lively and bold contrast to the other..

The following is a collection of shoes designed by Siriano..

Fierce type 1

fierce type 2

fierce type 3, black and green domination, still fierce anyway...LoL

and the finale is... ( oh my Gosh.. I do love this shoes !!! )

EXTREMELY FIERCE... isn't it??

not just talking about shoes .. but speaks also about the collection of clothes and accessories .. You can directly access Siriano's official website on to see the collection of his works ranging from the oldest to the newest ... super hot isn't it?

I hope, someday, I could become a famous fashion designer in the eyes of the world ... This man's story is very inspiring to me .. we should not lose with young designers from abroad ... We prove that the designer of our own country,be able to shine like him... We were both young, full of ideas and creativity, have the same opportunity to develop talents and skills in the fashion world ... viva young designer!

PS : don't forget to check out his official website on :)

Senin, 18 Juli 2011

july 18th 2011...

talking about this day...

this day is a kind of special day for me..
First, i do blogging again.. yey ! ( can't stop talking about this..LoL)
and today,
it was my lovely sister 22nd birthday... awesome age isn't it?

It feels bad.. because it was her first time celebrate it alone.. She's stay in Bali for a few months,maybe until end of this year or more.. enjoying her college internship in Bali island.. A gorgeous island to stay, but it was not a perfect place to celebrate some special occasion, ALONE...

If i being her in this time, maybe i drown myself to the deepest sea... (in indo, u can call me lebay mode on)... But sure, i would rather die than celebrate my birthday alone..without my family... esp without my dad... For me. it's a rare opportunity to celebrate, once a year isn't it?.. and in one case, i don't want to back to my old memory too...

i want to tell u my story.. when i was 12 or 14 years old, my dad and mom weren't come in my birthday party... they go to somewhere far away in that day...
i just cry and cry all day long... Before they go, they gave some money to my keeper or u can called it "servant" to buy me some delicious foods.. when the foods ready to serve, i just staring on it, cry all night long on the table...

its so dramatic and tragical... because i was too young in that time... terrible feeling, it's hard to explain..i only cry and in that time, i think that its the perfect way to solve it...but it affects me a lot until now.. when i grown up, now, until this time, i really don't like to be alone... Blogging is the perfect way to fill my time if i doing nothing or i will cry all day long..

Blog is my healer... I can share everything here..and forget all the loneliness..

Back to topic, my sister birthday, yup she's alone now...without family.. just some friends whose accompanying her.. I wish i have a strength like her...Be tough in everything even haven't nothing... She's inspires me a lot... she's imperfect, but she did the perfect way to treat me..

Happy 22nd birthday, my sister nenita... this post dedicated to u... smooch :*
never stop supporting u there... Gbu

that's why i do love forever 21

salmon + lemon yellow = perfect match !

i love high waist shorts and the buttons are too cute !!!

the pictures above is two collection from newest forever 21 summer lookbook... Superb right? there's so many new arrivals in their store.. u can take a look, check the price and buy it online on I do love their collection..any kinds of it.. even if their winter collection doesn't fit to wear in Indonesia, but i still dreaming on it... LoL..

Forever 21 is one my favorite fashion brand.. Just a story of mine, I've got a colorful bracelet from my mom when she went to dubai one month ago.. Affordable price, funtastic stuff !!! yay... It totally gives me a lot of inspirations in my fashion world..

Be fashionable guys.. Fashion really really works on us.. It determines our personality.. :) what do u think about me when u look my sharing pictures above? what kind of personality do i have? I give u special gift if u correct... :p

Minggu, 17 Juli 2011

First post... why the name must be daddygirl.diary?

Hello everyone... still wondering why i re-activate this account again..? (sigh).. Here is the answer... yup, i do miss writing on blog and damn, i still can't stop talking over and over again on reality.. LoL.. Talking about the name of my blog, yup.. u can guess it by yourself.. I guarantee, in ur' first time expectations, this blog was dedicated to my dad... and it's absolutely yes !!..But it's not always talking about my father.. Basically, it's talking about my life, and how his roles into my growth..

I do miss blogging a lot... Hopefully, i can be serious on this time.. Promise me, i will never stop spreading inspirations for all of the readers.. I will share everything that will inspires u all... Glad to share every post to post...

PS : sorry for deleting all my post before.. i think it was crap !! ROTFL.. it so old.. totally funny when i read it.. This is on my mind-->(o my Gosh, am i do these? am i write these junk? ) ... It's my past anyway..just an old story..

PS again (the last) : finally i wrote in English language too.. because my blogs before still using Indonesian and i think it makes me dumb enough..LoL.. I love Indonesian language of course.. But it's better in English, isn't it? so the readers from foreign countries can read my blogs too...

Happy reading guys... smooch... :*